Friday, 30 October 2015


Well, the grands are not so little anymore.

Their hands are considerably less chubby.

They speak in paragraphs now and know things I forgot a lifetime ago.

They make jokes...and some of them are even mildly amusing.

I  am no longer the centre of their universe (what? I never was?)

They have school and play dates and practices and not nearly enough Grammy time.


We have formed a club.

It is very official.

We have membership cards.

Grammy is the treasurer because she buys the books and snacks.

Jerod is the secretary and records the books we read and why we liked them. We take a picture of each book and rate the books with stars..... 

Davis is the social convener. He consults his calendar and  proposes the date and the venue where we will read the new book.

Starbucks is a favourite....gotta love that lemon bread.

So far we have read:

Every book and every venue has received a 3 star rating with Grammy's place getting a 'best ever' for venue (children learn to suck up at quite a young age)

Next month we will be reading:

and in December we will bake our favourites.

Lest you think this is a frivolous organization, we have taken photos to show how serious we are about this.

We have also discussed writing our own book, doing activities mentioned in the books, and eating food the characters eat.

Maybe we will dress up too!

We are having a blast

You may copy us if you like.


  1. LOVE IT! Your grands are so lucky to have you at just the right stage - you're not grown up far enough to have to be dignified, but you ARE grown up enough to use the oven ... oh yes and have money! Have fun! *hugs*

    1. You are so right Fairilee. I refuse to go stogily into the dark night. I have to keep up the hilarity until they are too embarassed. On that note, I am going out with them for Hallowe'en as the crazy cat lady! Thanks for the hugs.